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2018 Summer Recital

On Sunday, July 22, 2018 Further Music School hosted our Summer Recital in Marc A Scorca Hall at the National Opera Center in Manhattan. Many family, friends, guests, and instructors attended both recitals. This was the perfect venue for the music students to perform what they had been working so hard on their music classes and showcased their talents very well.

The first recital had 40 students perform with a variety of age groups and instruments. The students were as young as 4 years old to adult students and the instruments that were performed were piano, guitar, and singing. This recital was a very good way to introduce music students to performing.

Elias was celebrating with his guitar instructor, Mr.Matthew for successfully achieving his Rock and Roll goal!!

Angela worked extremely hard on her guitar lesson and singing lessons, and she made great improvement on the recital!

It was Clementine's first performance. Her guitar instructor Mr.Matthe was helping her to set up the microphone!

Dasel was playing duet with her piano instructor Ms.Viann. With effort and dedication, Dasel proved excellent performance on this recital!

It is never too late to start your music lessons! Christian has been joining Further Music School for more than 4 years! We witnessed his progress and dedication. On the recital, he performed two pieces composed by himself!

The second recital had twenty-five students perform with a variety of age groups and instruments as well. The instruments that were featured was the piano, violin, guitar and vocal. The second recital was evaluation based and focused on the ABRSM exam criteria. Our students really did an amazing job demonstrating their stage presence, their ability to memorize difficult pieces, show what they have learned in their music lessons, and to perform them in an advanced and meticulous manner.

Further Music Student-Temulun performs "Burn" by Hamilton, click to listen to her performance!

Our students excelled at the recital venue and should be so very proud of themselves for doing such a good job! It is not easy going on stage and performing in front of a lot of people and our students did so with grace and poise. We hope they enjoyed themselves and learned a lot in the process. We also hope that they are even more excited to further their studies, learn more, and attend more recitals in the future!

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