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"We Are The World" Charity Concert

A Virtual Charity Concert to Aid the Children's Community during the Pandemic.

In collaboration with the Global Fund for Children, Further Music School hosted our charity concert “We are the World” on Saturday, January 23rd, 2021. Our goal for the concert was to bring in donations to help protect children and their communities in the ongoing global fight against COVID-19. In support of the Global Fund for Children, our students contributed their talents, playing the piano, flute, violin, vocal, and more.

Further Music School is one of the most well-recognized music schools in New York. Founded in 2007, we aim to inspire our students to become well-rounded musicians. By hosting concerts, exhibitions, and special cultural events, we strive to encourage a lifelong passion for music. At Further Music School, we hold concerts and recitals three times a year. The concerts and recitals exemplify each students’ educational success, shown in their musical performance.

Please watch our fundraising video, featuring hopeful messages and support from our children and staff at Further Music School.

Through the musical education given at Further Music School, our students were able to showcase their musical talents, drawing more engagement to their performance. In particular, the “We Are The World'' charity concert successfully reached almost 800 people in our audience, raising $915 for the Global Fund for Children! Overall, our concert demonstrated the value of music, showing music’s ability to inspire and unite individuals in times of hardship. Indeed, this was a great way to start the new year in 2021, connecting and uplifting our children and communities. Thank you so much for your support.

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