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2020 New Year Concert

The New Year season brings so many wonderful opportunities! Opportunities to grow, learn, advance, and try something new. Our students at Further Music School have had two months of fantastic opportunities that have set themselves on a path for great success in 2020. Two of the main opportunities so far were our New Year Concerts held on Saturday, January 18th 2020 and Saturday, February 22nd 2020 at the DiMmena Center for Classical Music.

Both concerts featured two sections; the first section was Performance Only and the second section was Performance plus Evaluation. A wide variety of instruments and vocalists performed. Many included piano, flute, vocal, and violin. Students of all ages and abilities also performed from four years old students to high school students.

For several students this was their first concert opportunity and for others, they used this opportunity to polish their pieces for the upcoming ABRSM exams.

We are so thrilled with each and every student and their unique performance! Our students really showed how much work they have been putting into learning and how serious they have been taking their lessons. Students practiced consistently to prepare and their dedication paid off. From the first performance notes of a young violin student to a beginner piano student performing perfectly in tempo, the concerts were a place for students to really shine. Our seasoned students took command of the stage and their instrument to really show how much they have matured and grown through this past year. We are so proud of each and every one of you!

Sophia, 5, had her very first violin performance! She played in tempo, in tune, and had so much confidence!

Flute Student Cynthia performed a musically expressive piece and captivated our attention!

Piano student Benet is no stranger to the stage and performs at every opportunity. We’re proud with how far he has come!

Another first piano performance for student Tiffany. She showed so much confidence and joy performing!

Violin student Isabelle loves to perform and she really enjoyed playing with her instructor, Ms. Alice!

Piano student Christopher and his instructor Mr. Burak are enjoying the Christopher’s hard work after the concert!

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