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Early Childhood Music Classes

Further Fruits--Early Childhood Education Program is a music oriented and creative early music education course for young kids aged 3 months to 4 years old. This music class will help young child to learn music from the basic fundamentals in an engaging and energetic environment that ensures a positive foundation for child’s musical future, also aim to enhance students' social and intellectual development. Each class is small in size and focuses on a narrow age range. During each weekly class, students will receive individual one on one instruction within the group setting and will benefit from learning from students around them.

Experience Further Fruits Difference

  • Weekly music theme from Classical Music and Children music will be explored.

  • Further Fruits Early Childhood Education Classes are the only early education program in Queens and New York that focus on the fundamentals of music, and use piano as the primary instrument.

  • Small size class and each student have their OWN piano!

  • Travel World Theme! A brand new and creative music theme from Further Music School. Students will have mimic travel all over the world. They will discover world-class composers, significant music from other countries, listen and sing the music.

  • Further Fruits students are eligible for FREE monthly recitals.


Early Music Education

(Ages 3 months- 1 year)

Your toddler will develop gross motor skills within a musical environment during our Orange Music Classes. Being able to touch, grasp, and reach out for musical instruments such as shakers, maracas, and mallets, your child will be introduced to rhythm and musical sounds. Popular nursery rhymes and singing will be explored so that your child may begin to understand musical sounds, voices, and how to reproduce these sounds. Your child will want to move with the music that they are hearing as well as replicate the sounds we are producing. Movement is encouraged via crawling and rolling over, this will give your child a thoroughly sensory musical experience.

Toddler Music Classes


(Ages 2-3)

Our Grape Music Classes celebrate the growing toddler's desire to be independent! Children will begin to learn recognizing lyrics and rhythms to the songs they are learning. New songs and rhythms will be explored each week, including loud and soft, high and low, counting, and note names. Movement will also be a prominent them within the class.We also build self-confidence, communication and social skills along with a focus on early literacy. After finish the grape music classes, students will be ready to move up to Watermelon music classes. 


Young kids music lessons

(Ages 1-2)

Our Apple Music Classes are designed with age appropriate activities for children and engagement of the parent to encourage play, exploration and expanded music learning.  Students are encouraged to tap rhythms on drums, tabletops, shake maracas to help explore their musical surroundings. Discovering high and lows within music, clapping loudly and softly, strumming guitars, and singing at different volumes encourages variety.  Learning and interacting in the group setting helps children develop necessary skills like communication, fine motor skills, and sharing.  

Children Music Classes


(Ages 3-4)

Expand your child's growing curiosity with our Watermelon Music Classes for preschoolers! Fundamental music basics such as music notes and names will be introduced, rhythms and counting patterns will be developed. Development of the child’s musical ear will be explored through repetition of nursery rhymes and childhood songs as well as standard musical ideas of scales and chords. The world of music will be introduced to your child through prominent composers, their history, and an abundance of musical terms. This course will also help students to prepare for the further piano group lesson or private piano lessons.