Piano Group Lessons

Further Music School TOP 1 Music Program

     Why Choose Our Group Piano Lesson Program? 


  •   We are the only music school that offers 30 minute private trial lessons to new group piano lesson students

  •   Each student will have their own individual piano/digital piano rather than a keyboard.

  •   Students will attend our annual formal and informal recitals performed by individuals and  groups.

  •   Connecting prospective/current pianists into a group setting creates a fun filled musical collaboration lesson.  

  •   Low cost but high quality assured, 4-6 students per class

  •   Make-Up Lessons Offered. Don't stress over missing a lesson

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BEGINNER PIANO LEVEL 1 (No Music Experience Needed)


Our group piano classes are an excellent introduction to beginner piano and basic musical concepts. Students will become familiar with the keyboard through games and exercises in class, along with some written music theory practice for home. Each student will be equipped with their own individual piano/digital piano offered by our facilities and will have more than enough hands-on experience. They will learn a variety of songs that will be practiced each week in class. Through singing and playing, students will be able to learn music at a comfortable pace. The teacher will do individual assessments for each student throughout the course of the class. By completing the Level 1 course, students will become well prepared with the necessary basics for beginner piano playing, and will easily be able to transition from the group lessons to private or semi-private piano lessons.


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BEGINNER PIANO LEVEL 2 (Students with 3-10 month experience)

Level 2 introduces more advanced concepts in music and piano. Students will continue strengthening their sight-reading skills and reinforced rhythm training. At the same time, students will be taught basic knowledge regarding Major and minor scales, chords, and broken chords. Pieces are longer and more difficult, but musical learning and expression are explored through singing, listening, and group playing in class each week. At the conclusion of the lessons, an informal recital will be performed in front of parents, friends and family. 


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INTERMEDIATE PIANO LEVEL 3 (Students with 1 year experience)

Level 3 introduces introduces eighth notes and includes C, G, D and A major and minor 5- finger positions. Transposition and functional harmony skills are presented in highly musical settings. At the conclusion of the lessons, an informal recital will be performed in front of parents, friends, and family. 


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INTERMEDIATE PIANO LEVEL 4 (Students with 1 year experience)

Level 4 introduces cross-hand arpeggios and the full major scales in the keys of C, G, and F. Use of connected pedal and a variety of repertoire that keeps the students musically engaged as they explore I, IV, V7 chords. At the conclusion of the lessons, an informal recital will be performed in front of parents, friends and family.