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Further Music students recent ABRSM exam

Further music students participated in this years ABRSM exam on Friday April 27, 2018. Each student had prepared, practiced, and dedicated themselves in their music studies during their private music lessons for this years ABRSM exam.

The ABRSM exam took place at Song of Songs Group

located at 171-74 46th Avenue Flushing NY 11358


Manheen and his parents wishing him the best of luck before his ABRSM exam!


Piano instructor Li Zong with his

hardworking students Rohan and Waka at this Fridays exam!


Rishi has worked very hard with Guitar Instructor Matthew Ryals

and Piano instructor Anne Wang for this exam!


Alisha preparing for her ABRSM Exam,

She has put hard work and effort into her piano lessons leading up to the big day!


Benson was very focused before his ABRSM exam!

He has worked so hard with his piano instructor Anne Wang.


Misheel signing in for her ABRSM exam alongside her mother.

Misheel dedicated herself and practiced so much for this exam


Congratulation to all the ABRSM exam participants who achieved their yearly milestone!

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