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Congratulate to ABRSM High Score Students!

Further Music School has a lot to be proud of for the year of 2018. Students that took the ABRSM Examination during the Fall and Spring have received top marks! We would like to congratulate the students who passed with Distinction and Merit:

Top Music School in Queens

As the most recognized music exam system, ABRSM exam is took by more than 21 million of students in the world. This challenging exam only marks about 2% Distinction Rate, which means there are only 2% students in the world would receive "Distinction" per year! As one of the best ABRSM preparation music academy, Further Music continues our excellent this year. The Distinction Rate hits 92%!!

Top ABRSM exam students

Further Music Student Namulun received 141, the highest score in ABRSM grade 7 exam!

Each year Further Music School students participant in the ABRSM Examinations during the Spring and the Fall seasons. Students begin preparations for the exams several months ahead of time to ensure that adequate attention can be given to each aspect of the exam. Intensive study of the music, scales, aural training, sight reading, and music theory ensure that each student has a firm foundation to do the absolute best.

Our dedicated instructors guide and advise students to help obtain the best score. It truly is a collaborative effort between student and instructor to help best prepare for the ABRSM Examinations.

Siblings Bension and Bernice both received excellent score from their first ABRSM exam!

Through the hard work of each student and the meticulous music instruction from our music instructors, Further Music School students continue to excel and receive high scores. We would like to congratulate all the students who got excellent score from the exam, and look for the new record for the year of 2019!

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