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Spring Student Concert

On Sunday, June 2nd, 2019 Further Music students were invited to perform at The DiMeena Center for Classical Music Mary Flagler Cary Concert Hall. Invitations to perform are rare our students really prepared themselves and had magical performances. This prestigious concert event included over forty performers on a variety of instruments and voice. Students spent many weeks preparing themselves for the concert and their dedication and perseverance was greatly showcased. Family, friends, and instructors attended and showed their unwavering support.

Student Hosts Laia and Akif were charming, welcoming, and engaging! Here they are welcoming piano student Tessa to the stage.

For some performers this was their first concert and a wonderful introduction to the stage. For our seasoned students, they welcomed the stage and had a wonderful presence. The age of students ranged from four years old to adult and the instruments performed included the piano, guitar, voice, flute, and violin. The concert was full of many excellent performances and our students really shined!

Piano student performance

Andy has taken piano lessons for many years and has performed in many concerts. For this performance, he played “June Darcarolle” by Tchaikovsky.

Violin student Mathew worked very hard memorized and perfecting his piece “Concerto No 1 in A Minor” by Bach and his dedication shown through.

We are exceptionally proud of the progress our students have made this year. Concerts like this really allow students to create a goal, work hard, and see the wonderful outcome of their hard work. We are continually amazed by the work that each and every student does and are so happy that were invited to this great hall and were able to present themselves with poise and grace.

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