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Matthew Chen Is Our Student of The Month!

Students here at Further Music School take great pride in their work. Some started taking lessons as young as four years old. And as the students progress with age, they progress with knowledge too. We house young composers, great achievers, ABRSM conquerors, and future Julliard applicants. Matthew Chen falls into many of those categories.

He graced us with his stage presence on recital day, April 2, 2017. Seven years old was when he held his first piano and his greatest goal in life is to become a professional pianist. There is nothing Matthew can not do! He inspires others around him and the students at Further Music look up to him. And with Ms. Alexa, his exceptional piano instructor, by his side, there is no doubt that he will one day be a renowned pianist.

That is why he is our student of the month. That is why we look to Matthew as an example. That is why students in our school never give up. We support one another and learn from each other. It's young people like Matthew who are going to impact the world and keep classical music alive.

To learn more about Matthew Chen, read an interview that he was featured in!


1. When did you first start learning to play piano?

I started learning when I was seven.

2. Is playing the piano super fun for you?

It's super fun to play the piano. I like the music that emits

from my fingers and the piano.

3. What do you want to be when you grow up?

I would like to be a professional pianist when I grow up.

4. Do you see yourself composing your own piano pieces in the future?

Maybe not. I think it is very hard!

5. Who inspires you to keep playing piano?

Every beautiful music piece inspires me to keep playing.

6. Do you face any challenges learning to play this instrument?

Of course, mistakes are stressful. Especially unusual

mistakes make you frustrated.

7. What is your favorite piano piece in the whole wide world?

I love the music pieces from Joe Hisaishi and Mozart.

8. Besides playing the piano, what other things do you like to do?

I like playing games, Pokémon cards, and Karate.

9. What do you want to tell other kids who are learning to play an instrument?

Be patient and keep practicing every day. Playing for a

little while is better than nothing.

10. What is the best part about playing piano?

When finally I can smoothly play my favorite song after practicing many times.


*Matthew C performed at 2017 Spring Recital

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