2019 Summer Music Classes and Music Programs

It is Further Music tradition to continue music lessons during summer time! Every year, we design variety of summer music classes to help students continuing their musical development. These specialized, creative, fun and effective music courses are those that are not regularly offered during the school year which make them highly sought after classes. With carefully tailored classes that meet the musical needs of our students, you will be sure to find the best course for them. We will be offering classes that include Early Childhood Music (for ages 3-4), Piano Group Lessons for Preschoolers (ages 4-6), ABRSM Sight-Reading Enrichment Courses, and lastly a Summer Music Field Trip. Whether your child is an absolute beginner or a more advanced student they will benefit from the variety of classes that we will offer. These popular classes have limited spaces and early inquiry and registration is recommended!

Early Music Education Classes

Early Childhood Music Classes 

(Ages 3-4)

Does your child seem to respond to music they hear on the radio, the television, or when you sing to them? Does your child move around, dance, and clap their hands when they listen to music? Now is the perfect time to enroll your child in the Early Childhood Music Classes for ages 3-4. Your child will discover the magical world of music through movement, song, rhythm, world music, and storytelling. These unique, inventive, and inspiring classes will ensure your child develops a love for music and that will continue through their whole lives! Experimenting with instruments, singing, and clapping, your child will discover how to interact with other children their age and learn about taking turns, listening, in addition to cognitive and motor skills. Our tested and true classes will prepare your children for future group piano or private lessons.


Monday 10-10:45pm (07/15/19-8/5/19)

Monday 11-11:45am (07/15/19-8/5/19)

Wednesday 10-10:45am  ( 07/24/19-08/14/19)

Wednesday 11-11:45am  ( 07/24/19-08/14/19)

Rate: $100/Course, $170/ Two Courses (4 weeks per course)

ABRSM exam preparation

ABRSM Sight-Reading

Enrichment Classes 

Summr Piano Group Lessons

Piano Group Lessons for Preschoolers!

(Ages 4-6)

Are you planning to join our group piano lessons or private lessons in fall, and get warm up for the upcoming school year? This summer, Further Music’s group piano lesson program will offer this unique music lessons for preschoolers! This four weeks summer course will help beginner piano students to discover the basics of music and piano from the names of music notes, rhythms, hand positions, simple songs, and fun melodies! After this music class, students will develop solic musical foundation and build understanding of piano lessons. Our semester long group piano classes are very popular and this class will sure to fill up quickly. Register early to reserve your spot.


Sunday 9:15-10am (6/30/19-7/28/19) 

Sunday 9:15-10am (08/04/19-08/25/19) 

Sunday 3:30-4:15pm  ( 07/21/19-08/11/19)

Rate:  $100/Course (4 weeks per course)

Field Trip to Lincoln Center

Summer Music Field Trip-Lincoln Center

(ABRSM Grade 1-3)

As an authorized ABRSM exam organization, Further Music School will continue helping our students to better prepare upcoming ABRSM exam! This summer, we will again offer this special summer course-ABRSM sight-reading enrichment class to help students solid their sight reading skill and becoming better sight readers! This four weeks course would be perfect for those who wish to take the ABRSM exam during the fall in October, 2019. Unique to Further Music School, this limited and immersive course will equip you with techniques to ensure confidence and command in your ABRSM sight reading test. You will be guaranteed results that you will not want to miss!


Sunday 2pm-3pm (08/04/2019-08/25/2019) 

Rate: $120/Course

Our summer Music Field trip will allow students to discover facts about music you haven't dreamed of before! This summer, our students are going to visit Lincoln Center and Chamber Music Society! This compelling trip will provide a premium tour of all 11 concerts hall from Lincoln center, meeting and chatting with the professional musicians, observing the Chamber Music Society, and watching a special concert! This compelling behind the scenes visit will allow Further Music students to have the exclusive experience to access to the world class concert hall and organization that don’t generally open to public. We also believe the interaction with prominent musicians will inspire out student! Don’t miss out this unique opportunity!


Sunday 07/ 14/2019  Sunday 12pm-8pm



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