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See what students and parents have to say! 


Student: Mila Liao


An excellent and top-notch music school in Queens area. I like that this school really focuses a lot in their teaching quality and cares about student's learning. Before we registered, the staff asked us about our expectation and goal, and work on to make the right fit for each student. My daughter's instructor Mr.Burak is the world-renowned musician, very experienced, knowledgeable and patient. The school presents all the instructor's bio online and in school's waiting area, that you can fully know your teacher's background and experience. I also like that their monthly recital opportunities, it's free but well organized and it really helps students to prepare for twice a year big concerts. So far, my daughter progresses very well and I would definitely recommend Further Music School to all music students.-Muoruo, 02/2019

Years of learning: 4   Age: 11
Student:Jenny Wong


I am an adult student, I had studied piano lesson at Further Music School for almost a year. I had great experience here. They have good evening and weekend time spots available, and fees are reasonable. My teacher is from top tier music institution and he has shared a lot of his knowledge which is a big plus. He is very good at helping me to improve my skills, and it makes the learning process easier. The teacher and staff are very friendly and encouraging. Overall I am very confident to continue to learn for another few years here. I recommend any adult who wants to try learning piano or any instrument this music school.-Jenny, 11/2018

Years of learning: 1   Age: Adult
Student:Emma & Benjamin


I can't say enough good things about Further Music School. My daughter and son recently started piano lessons having no music instruction prior to this and are just loving it! Ms. Wang is so patient with them and wonderful to work with as a parent. She lets me sit in on the lessons so that I know what they need to work on at home. The office staff is also very professional and organized and will work with you to honor make-up requests. All in all, I've had a very positive experience so far!-Perdita Permaul 12/2018

Years of learning: 1   Age: 7
Student:Emma L


Absolutely a must to be a student of this school! Simply the best in Queens area! Highly recommend it to anyone who wants a proper formal musical foundation for themselves or their child. The owner has a strong musical background and great business sense, and she understands the importance of doing things the proper way. Love everything about this school from the great atmosphere, experienced teachers, and professional staff!-Listz Monha  08/2018

Years of learning: 2   Age: 7
Student:Kevin Verton


I want to special thank Further Music School for helping my son to pass ABRSM grade 8 exam with Distinction. Yesterday, we just received his score that he made 142 points out of 150, and ranked as the highest score in all ABRSM grade 8 taker. We are so glad to choose Further Music School! They have very professional school system and setting, and always track students progress in certain periods. What I liked most is their dedication toward music teaching, you can sincerely feel they really care about each students, and want students to learn well. My son had two instructors there, one for his beginning and intermediate level for three years, then the school advice us to transfer to another instructor who is more specialized in advance level students. The advice they offered was absolutely helpful and reliable. I would recommend Further Music School to anyone who seriously want to take music lessons.-Miro Verton-05/2018

Years of learning:6   Age: 12
Student:Laura Paulino 


"Our ten year old daughter, Laura, has been attending Further Music Studio for about 3 years. We are very pleased and proud of the school, especially Ms. Carrie Shi. Laura has passed the ABRSM grade 3 piano test and she is very happy practicing the piano every day and attending her lessons at the Further Music studios. We attend recitals regularly. All the children are happy to perform. The cost for lessons is very reasonable and school staff is very friendly. I highly recommend the school for learners of all ages and talent levels."Juan 12/7/2014

Years of learning:3   Age: 10


"Further Music Studio rocks! Our daughter has studied piano there for years and I can't imagine a better place for her to study music. The school and instructors do an excellent job of fostering a child's interest in music and turning it into something so much more. In addition to what is taught weekly, the biannual recitals give children (and adults!) the opportunity to perform in a professional environment. We have been blown away at the caliber of talent at each recital. The icing on the cake is that Further Music Studio is run efficiently and professionally. The staff is friendly and knows the name of everyone who walks in the door. Ms.Carrie is quick to respond to all questions or concerns. We are so fortunate that our daughter has had the opportunity to grow as a musician during her time as a student of Further Music Studio. She has learned things that extend far beyond the notes played and that will stay with her the rest of her life." - Chris Arrasve 12/12/2014

Years of learning:3   Age: 7


"My daughter Margaret started learning piano when she was 4.5 years old at Further Music Studio. The teacher is wonderful and so patient for young children. After only half a year, she has shown a huge improvement not only at piano but also at increasing her attention span. We are so happy to make the choice. Recently we added taking vocal classes there. Both of her teachers are terrific- Miss Nadine and Miss Sarah. The studio is well managed by  Mrs Carrie- she is a wonderful teacher as well." - Emily W. 11/15/2014

Years of learning:1   Age: 5


"Our family couldn't be happier about Further Music studio. My 6 year old son has been taking piano lessons there for over a year. My son has learned so much in such a short time and takes his lessons and practice times very seriously. His teacher, Ms.Nadine is a wonderful musician, a great mentor, and a kind and patient person. My son looks forward to his weekly lesson and is motivated to practice at home because of the piano workshops, recitals, and music activities! We are so pleased with my son's progress with the piano and have very high regard for all of the teachers at the studio.  We enthusiastically recommend Further Music Studio for children of all ages." -  Richard 11/15/2014

Years of learning:1   Age: 6


"I've taken piano lessons at other studios and none compare to the Further Music Studio. I'm an adult who played piano for 17 years before quitting for 15 years. I wanted to regain my technique and confidence and they've helped me do just that.

Ms.Carrie is a fantastic teacher! She's great at reminding me to enjoy the music while still challenging me to take my practice to the next level. I HIGHLY recommend this studio and especially Ms. Carrie!!" 

Years of learning:7   Age:Adult
Student:Xin Yu


"Carrie Shi is a fantastic piano teacher and mentor. I started with Carrie since January 2013 and I couldn't be more pleased. I’m an adult student who always loves music.  I had taken piano lessons four years ago with other piano teachers before Carrie and had not had the best experience. The difference with her was unbelievable. She is just so positive, patient, and helpful. She has a way of explaining things and helping you to find your problem and solving the problem. She holds her students to high standards and expects practice. I love coming to my piano lesson and I am absolutely certain I am getting my money’s worth. Not only do I learn proper technique, music theory, but Carrie actually cares about her students as individuals. She caters her teaching style to the student’s own level so I am totally comfortable with her. I’m amazed at how much I have learned almost immediately working with Carrie. She is patient, kind, and caring.  Carrie loves to teach, and it shows.  I couldn't ask for more. I highly recommend Carrie as a teacher." 

Years of learning:3   Age:Adult
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