Ruth Headshot.jpeg
 Ruth-Ann Lewis

Piano/ Violin/Viola/Vocal Instructor

Ms. Ruth-Ann Lewis received both her Master’s degree and Bachelor’s degree in Piano and Ensemble Performance and she has over 15 years of teaching experience. Ms. Ruth-Ann has performed throughout the United States as a soloist, orchestral musician, wind ensemble musician, and percussive instrumental ensemble. Ms. Ruth-Ann’s extensive piano, vocal, and string experience has allowed her to become one of the top instructors in her field. Ms. Ruth-Ann has abundant ABRSM exam experience for piano, vocal, violin, and guitar instruments as well as has private, ensemble, and classroom teaching experience.


Ms. Lewis’s multifaceted approach and professional experience ensures that students receive exceptional, tailored, and well-thought musical education. Ms. Ruth-Ann’s lessons are dynamic, engaging, passionate, and above all an educational endeavor. Ms. Lewis seeks to bring out the best in each student with a firm and caring hand. Ms. Lewis is also a lover of ethnic instruments, and has an open minded attitude towards new music as well as classical traditions from around the world. With a natural joy for music that is often contagious and a holistic approach of aural, practical, and theoretical applications, Ms. Lewis works with, and encourages her students, ensuring a solid foundation for their musical goals.