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Further Music's Practice Camp is our newest video series about our students! In these episodes, we interview students personal questions about their experience with learning music and how it changes their lives. Additionally, we ask them to offer helpful tips and tricks that they actually use so that they can help YOU! Please stay tuned to watch our upcoming episodes to learn more about how Further Music offers you a whole new way to learn music.


Below are our recent episodes! Please feel 

free to take a look.


Septemeber,2015 Practice Camp

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-Maxwell Derella

This month's Practice Camp features Further Music's Maxwell Derella. Maxwell just recentely turned 7 years old, and after only 10 months under piano instruction Maxwell's talent is proven to be promising. In this video, we learn a little more about what motivares Maxwell to continously play piano and strive to get better at his instrument. When asked what keeps him going, Maxwell responds that it is the ability to play all of his favorite songs that keeps him entertained and passionate. After his great rendition of 'My Favorite Things', we hope to see Maxwell play for us a wondeful version of his current favorite song 'Puff (The Magic Dragon)'. 

August,2015 Practice Camp

-Ivan Wei

This is Ivan Wei. Ivan has excelled in his piano studies, and after only 3 years Ivan is able to play a variety of challenging repertiore including Chopin. What's even more astounding is that Ivan can play most of these from memory! His daily efforts of practicing the piano for at least 1 hour every day has proven effective through his skills. In this video, Ivan Wei will play the ragtime by Chopin called “The Entertainer” which is a considered by many to be an advanced level song. He is able to perform this song live without error and consistently shows improvement due to his daily practice. In this video we get to see Ivan's wondeful and authentic talent, and we get to learn a little more about who he is in the brief interview.

July,2015 Practice Camp

-Andrea Li

Andrea Li started her piano study at a young age and grew

up in China. Her cultural upbringing has led her to choose to learn

traditional Chinese music. One of Andrea's main tips is not only to learn how to play the music, but also to learn about why the song was created and who it was created by. Andrea enjoys learning about the history of the song and also the history of traditional chinese music. She blessed our most recent 2015 Summer Recital with performances of "North Wind" and also "Butterfly" which are both old-time traditional chinese folk songs. This young musician has managed to capture the authentic chinese feeling through her playing and has shown excellent improvement throughout her musical career.

June,2015 Practice Camp

-Krista Proteasa

Krista Proteasa is one of the most hard-working and dedicated guitar students here at Further Music. She has given much of her time to practicing guitar every single day even though she is only a young 10 year old girl. Through speaking with her, we learned that even though her current favorite song to play on the guitar is Fandango, she used to believe that she would never be able to play it properly. Through hard work and also guidance from her instructor, she is now able to play her favorite song and even has it memorized! Watch her interview to see how she has come to love the guitar and her instructor here at Further Music.

May,2015 Practice Camp

-Namulun Togochog

Namulun Togochog is the first student to be featured on our new video series, Practice Camp! Namulun was chosen as the first student due to her excellent personality and also talent in learning piano. Having started to learn piano at a young age, she is able to play the song " Turkish March" memorized in this video. Her sweet personality makes her loved by her instructor but her skill is what stands out the most. Juggling her busy life with her sister, and also multiple extracurricular activities, Namulun shares her experiences with learning to play the piano while also keeping a great well-rounded lifestyle. 

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