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Marla Brasil 

Artistic Director / Piano Instructor

Ms. Marla Brasil is an accomplished and professional piano instructor from Brazil. Ms. Marla received her Bachelor’s Degree in Faculdades Mozarteum from the College in Music, Master's Degree from New England of Conservatory. As a piano music theory specialist, Ms. Maria brings absolute proficiency and knowledge to her students and their music lessons. Marla had the wonderful opportunity to become a Principal and Vice Principal of prominent music conservatories including the Conservatory of Music in Araguari. These experiences have given Ms. Marla a unique opportunity to experience music and teaching through the eyes of an educator, administrator, and musician. Her well-rounded understanding of music has helped her to become a sought after and revered instructor.

Ms. Marla has performed in several countries in South America and throughout the United States. Her performances include large concert halls, recital halls, and the many schools she supervised. Her performances showcase the depth of her emotions and extreme musical talents. With over 20 years of teaching experience with very young children to adults, Ms. Marla is proficient in creating detailed and tailored lesson plans. Classically trained, Ms. Marla also specializes in jazz and pop music as well.  Ms. Marla’s teaching philosophy includes selecting the best pieces for every student’s musical abilities, implementing behavior modifications to ensure optimum learning experience, and detailing lessons plans meticulously.

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