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Nathan Pezzotti

Featured Teacher of the Month

Piano instructor Nathan Pezzotti is an accomplished professional musician and dedicated teacher. Mr. Nathan studied at The Julliard School in piano performance and has over eight years of teaching experience. Lessons with Mr. Nathan are engaging, dynamic, and motivating. Mr. Nathan strives to find each students' particular interest and he encourages students to explore creative methods to achieve his or her musical learning goals. Mr. Nathan is detailed, knowledgeable, and cares about each student's individual progress and musical capabilities.


1. Who or what motivated you to choose a career in music?

I was just hooked from the day I started playing piano! Encouragement from my piano teacher as a kid also inspired me along the way so I try to do that now. 

2. Why did you choose the piano out of all other instruments?

Probably because there was one around! I would play songs I was listening to by ear until I started learning seriously. I think being able to play everything rather than just one note at a time interested me as well.

3. What is an effective piece of advice you always tell your students? Why?

To be creative- the world needs your uniqueness. 

4. What’s your most memorable experience while teaching students?

Anytime I can see that someone is moved by or has moved others through something they play- that’s the best and the whole reason for doing this! 

5. How do you inspire students to practice more?

I try to find a spark of interest in the assignment that can change it from work to play and exploration.

6. What is your favorite kind of music to play?

I’ve loved playing many genres but my longtime favorite composer is Claude Debussy. 

7. What was one of your biggest challenges while learning to play?

Not having the technique to play some music I wanted as I was learning, but patience pays of-don’t give up! 

8. What age did you being to play the piano?


9. Do you play other instruments besides piano?

I played the saxophone and clarinet for a time in high school. Recently I played around with a guitar but I don’t know if that will work out- my fingers are too used to pushing keys! 

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