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Emily chang

Piano Instructor

Pianist Emily Chang earned her bachelor degree in Central Conservatory of Music which is the best music school in China. During the years in the college, she was studying with Prof. Yuansheng who is known as the one of the most authentic Bach performers in China. After years of study with Prof. Yuansheng, she received master degrees in Manhattan school of Music in piano performance, and studied with Prof. Alexander Moutouzkinea.


In her music career, she has performed in New York, Boston, Beijing, Hongkong, Macao, Guangzhou etc. "She has such natural and beautiful musical melody singing voice on her fingers. With the organic, and various personality with particular taste in her music, she is able to impact her surroundings by her powerful quality composition" ---- comment made by Prof. Yuansheng.

Besides Ms. Emily Chang's academic life, she has been teaching for 5 years. Her philosophy towards music education is that making children to love music base on serious systematic teaching style and the combination of hardworking and reasonable relaxing enjoyment. During her teaching career, she had helped many of students to pass ABRSM grade 1-8 with excellent scores. As an qualified piano instructor and influenter, giving all the knowledge her has learned in her whole life to her students is her biggest goal. 

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